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How Potential Energy works in Dead by Daylight

Help fix generators with your newfound energy.

Potential Energy is one of the perks you can get from Vittorio Toscano, a survivor who is available in the Forged in Fog Chapter DLC. Once you purchase that DLC, you’ll unlock a new perk called Potential Energy. In Dead by Daylight, all perks have their use. The question is, what does Potential Energy do, and in what situations is it beneficial?

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What does Potential Energy do in Dead by Daylight

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In order to activate this perk, you will need to work on a generator uninterrupted for 12/10/8 seconds. This means you will constantly need to be fixing the generator and never get off it during this period. Once the perk activates, you’ll get a prompt to “Activate Ability” by pressing a button. Once this perk activates, you will start gaining progression toward Potential Energy rather than the generator. For each 1.5% progress you make, you gain one token with the ability for 20 tokens to be gained. Once you have at least one token and you’re also working on a generator, you can use all the tokens you have to be put toward generator progression. Each token gives you 1% generator progression. However, there is a catch to this Potential Energy. If you’re hit while this perk has at least one token, you will lose all your tokens. You can achieve a similar effect by missing skill checks, although you will only lose some tokens rather than all of them.

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What situation is Potential Energy good?

There are two downsides to Potential Energy. The first being is that in order to gain use of its power, you have to sacrifice making generator progress The second problem is that if you get hit by the killer, you lose all your tokens. However, the positive to this perk is that you can get upward of 20% generator progression if you manage to stack 20 tokens.

Potential Energy is good for players who are objective-focused and can evade the killer easily by making use of sneaking perks. It’s useful in scenarios where you’re being pressured and aren’t able to make sufficient progress on generators.

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