How to beg to keep your job in BitLife

You better earn your place back at your job.

Image via Candywriter

Every so often, you mess up at your job in BitLife and your boss calls you into their office. They give you the hard talk that they will have to let you go because of your behavior and what you’ve been doing. You have multiple options of what you can do during this point, and one of them is to beg your boss to keep your job. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes it can. Here’s what you need to know about how to beg to keep your job in BitLife.

How to succeed at begging to keep your job in BitLife

The best way to succeed at this activity is to have a high relationship with your boss. This is something you can only do well before you try begging for your job. You can do this by hanging out with them, partying, giving them gifts, small talk, and being a positive influence at work. Essentially, you want to be a model employee before you do something bad or more negative to coworkers, such as offering to sleep with them, attempting to murder them, or try stealing from the office.

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When you have the option to beg for your job, your boss will give you more wiggle room because of the positive relationship. However, you can’t lean on this forever. When you beg to keep your job, there’s a chance it won’t work, and more often than not, your character will lose their job. The best way to increase your chances for your character to keep their employment is to increase their relationship with their supervisor as often as possible and build good karma. The more karma your character has, the better their chances for positive things to happen.

If you keep your job, you can return to things as if nothing ever happened. You might want to check the relationship status between you and your boss, though. It might have gone down.