How to complete the Frisky Business Challenge in BitLife

Anything but professional.

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The weekend has arrived, and you can now work on completing the Frisky Business Challenge in BitLife. You only have a few days to complete it, so you want to buckle down and focus on the multiple tasks you will need to work through to beat it. After you do, you will receive a random appearance item for your BitLife profile. This guide covers how to complete the Frisky Business Challenge in BitLife.

All tasks in the Frisky Business Challenge.

Here’s everything you need to do to complete the Frisky Business Challenge.

  • Get a corporate job
  • Sleep with 15+ coworkers
  • Marry a coworker
  • Have 5+ babies with coworkers
  • Successfully beg to keep your job

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The best way to overcome this challenge is to earn a business degree from college. You can do this after your character has gone through high school and they are accepted to any college of your choice. From here, make sure they go into a business degree and then make your way to graduate school. This offers the best route to give your character an excellent chance to obtain a corporate job. You want to be on the lookout for a job that has Corporate in the title. If you do not see it, load out of BitLife and refresh the game.

Next, you will need to sleep with at least 15 coworkers. You can do this at any time, but we recommend doing this after building a good relationship with them. A good way to develop these relationships is by interacting with your coworkers, giving them gifts, hanging out with them, and any other positive activities you can do to increase your relationship. When it gets high enough, offer to sleep with them, and there’s a good chance they will. You need to do this 15 times.

Eventually, you will need to marry a coworker. We recommend doing this after you’ve slept with the 15 coworkers to ensure you don’t run into any problems with infidelity with your partner. Then, you can pick your favorite coworker, begin dating them outside of work, and offer to marry them.

The next task is about having five babies with a coworker. You can do this with your spouse if they remain at your job, so if you plan to marry a particular individual, going with your significant other is a good idea. However, you can choose to have multiple partners with the parents of any kid you have, or you have with them. The choice is up to you. To increase the chances of having a child with your coworker, offer to sleep with them and select to wear no protection.

The final thing you must do is beg to keep your job. You can only have this happen if your boss catches you doing something bad at work. This is a random event, so long as you do something negative at work or with another coworker. We recommend building up good karma before you do this and having a positive relationship with your boss before making this attempt.

After that, you will complete all Frisky Business Challenge tasks. You will now receive your random appearance item for your BitLife account.