How to boost into a Runaway Boulder and dislodge it with a Baller in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Unleash the game’s massive boulders onto enemies.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Fortnite veterans know some seasonal quests will have them accomplish things they didn’t think were even possible. In Chapter 3 Season 3 Week 2, the battle royale tasks players to not only steal one of the few Ballers, but to also use it to ram into what is known as a Runaway Boulder. This type of rock is a new feature included in the season and can only be discovered in a specific portion of the map. Here’s how to knock this quest and earn its XP reward in no time.

Where to boost and dislodge a boulder in Fortnite

To begin the quest, you can find any of the game’s Baller vehicles either on the sides of Rave Cave’s mountain or in the massive Cuddle Team Leader head resting above it. These vehicles do run on a battery that cannot be recharged, so be sure to use the ride only when necessary. Luckily, Runaway Boulders can also be found inside of this biome and are the round rocks that sit atop of its snowy mountains. As marked below, the closest can be discovered on the northeast side of Rave Cave, as others rest on hills west of Logjam Lumberyard and further north around Seven Outpost II.

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Screenshot by DoubleXP

Once you’ve reached one of these locations, you can dislodge the boulder by boosting the Baller with either B (on Xbox), Circle (on PlayStation), or L and Shift (on PC). Those struggling to hit the boulder hard enough should also look to attach the Baller onto it by pressing their respective shooting button. If done correctly, the boulder will then roll downhill and maybe even hit and eliminate an enemy in the process.

Like the rest of the Week 2 seasonal quests, the challenge will net you an additional 15,000 XP toward leveling up the Battle Pass and that’s just part of the 105,000 XP the week has to offer. Players can now progress their way to more Battle Stars by completing challenges like weeding Reality Saplings and flying from one of the game’s hidden geysers.