How to clear Floor 11 of the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact 2.2

Another difficult challenge.

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A new reset of the Spiral Abyss is in place. While Floors 9and 10 are the same as the last version, Floors 11 and 12 have different enemies and strategies. These floors are much different and require new teams than before. Such as before, you must obtain 5 stars (which is done by clearing the Abyss in a certain amount of time) to move onto the next floor. Defeat each chamber in a certain amount of time to maximize your rewards.

Floor 11’s Leyline Disorder is not like the last version’s Corrosion mechanic. Instead, the Leyline Disorder benefits your party this time, buffing your party members’ Pyro and Hydro DMG by 60%. Pyro and Hydro characters will do great on this floor when put on different teams.

There’s nothing else too special about this floor, and compared to last week, is quite simple. But there are some tricky waves of enemies you’ll have to overcome if you want to get a perfect clear.

Characters to consider

Because of the Leyline Disorder, you’ll want to consider bringing a Pyro unit or Hydro unit. This is particularly helpful on the last chamber of the floor, which has a Hydro Hypostasis and Pyro Hypostasis boss.

Yoimiya / Ganyu : Yoimiya is a useful main DPS character to bring to the Spiral Abyss. Her Elemental Skill infusion is useful to quickly dispatch of the Hydro Hypostasis during its most crucial phase. Ganyu is another solid option to put on your first team to dispatch of the Hydro Hypostasis quickly.

Tartaglia: Tartaglia is an excellent option for your second team due to the Pyro Hypostasis. He is able to not only quickly remove the Pyro shield found on the boss but then defeat him quickly in his second phase due to constantly proccing Vaporize.

Kokomi: If you don’t have a Tartagila to remove the Hydro shield, you can bring Kokomi instead. She also gives your team a layer of survivability.

There are other characters who are universally useful in the Spiral Abyss that you may want to bring, such as Kazuha, Bennett, Xiangling, or Xingqiu.

Floor 11, Chamber 1

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This chamber summons different enemies in waves. Two Whopperflowers and three slimes will spawn on opposite sides of the map during the course of the chamber. There will be three waves on each floor before spawning a final wave, an Electro Abyss Mage and Hydro Abyss Mage in the first half, and a Pyro Abyss Mage and two Crackling Axe Mitachurls on the second half.

This chamber and the third chamber really emphasize the importance of bringing a solid Hydro character to your second team. It’s recommended to head directly towards the slimes to help group the enemies better, as the Whopperflowers will teleport to your location. You have a generous five minutes, however, so don’t stress too much about the time.

Floor 11, Chamber 2

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The first half will feature two Cryogunners and two Anemoboxers, followed by a final wave of a Fatui Electro Mage and Fatui Cryo Mage. These enemies are another great reason to bring Yoimiya or another Pyro DPS. If you can’t kill the enemies fast enough, they will gain Cryo shields, so bringing a Pyro DPS will help you remove the shield altogether.

The second floor is not too difficult, but the enemies are somewhat tanky. If your time is okay, don’t worry about killing the Kairagi’s at the same time. You have five minutes, so it’s not a big deal if one recovers their HP.

Floor 11, Chamber 3

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This is the most difficult chamber on the floor and requires you to know how the Hydro Hypostasis works. The boss is difficult due to how quickly it goes from its vulnerable state back into its invulnerable state. The best time to attack is about after a minute, where the Hydro Hypostasis will migrate to the middle of the map. Here, it will use a special attack that exposes its core for a long time. This is the best time for you to unleash all your abilities and bursts, so you can trigger its second phase.

The second phase requires you to defeat three Slimes that march slowly towards the Hypostasis. You need to trigger Elemental Reactions to defeat the Slimes. They go down relatively easily to any element, including Anemo and Geo reactions, but it may take some practice to remove these slimes in time.

By defeating the Hydro Hypostasis in time, you can move on to the Pyro Hypostasis. Quickly remove the Pyro shield, try and dispatch the Hypostasis in its next vulnerable phase or two.

Once you clear Floor 11, you’ll be ready to tackle Floor 12, the hardest floor in the game.