How to complete A Taste of Home in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A treat that tastes like home.

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There are plenty of quests for you to complete in Disney Dreamlight valley with each resident having a list of tasks for you to help them with. Mirabel misses her home and can’t seem to remember much about it. One thing she desperately wants to remember is the food. Specifically, she wants to remember how to make Buñuelos. Help her out so maybe she can remember her home. This guide will show you how to complete A Taste of Home in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

A Taste of Home walkthrough in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A Taste of Home is Mirabel’s second quest which unlocks after you have raised her Friendship Level to level four. Once this is complete, talk to her and she will tell you about how she misses home and doesn’t remember everything about it. One of the things she misses most is her mother’s cooking. Specifically, she wants to remember how to make Buñuelos. She will give you a plate of them to bring to Remy.

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Give the plate of Buñuelos to Remy and he will give them a taste test. After the taste test, he will give you three of the four ingredients needed to make Buñuelos. Unfortunately, he won’t tell you the fourth one. You need to figure that one out on your own. Gather the following items to make Buñuelos:

  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
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You can get all of the ingredients needed for the recipe from the Chez Remy Pantry and the Peaceful Meadow. Once you have made a plate of Buñuelos, bring it to Mirabel. Mirabel will be happy to get a plate of Buñuelos but the quest doesn’t stop there. Now you need to share this meal with more villagers. Make three more plates of Buñuelos.

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Bring the plates of Buñuelos to Mickey, Scrooge, and Goofy. Each resident will be happy to receive their gift. After giving out all of the plates of Buñuelos, talk to Mirabel and the quest will be complete.