How to complete all Fated Fortune Challenges in Sea of Thieves – Fate of the Damned Update

Weekly challenges are right around the corner.

Image via Rare.

A new series of challenges have arrived for Sea of Thieves players to work through way through alongside the latest Fate of the Damned update. These challenges give players the chance to earn exclusive event items, and participate in the new activities filled throughout the game. The Fate of the Damned event starts on October 28 and everyone has until December 9 to complete them all, and these items are no longer available. All of these challenges are not available immediately. We’ll be listing out when they unlock for everyone.

Fate of the Wild Shores Challenges

These challenges are available on October 28.

Fate of the Ancient Sands Challenges

These challenges are available on November 4.

Fate of the Roaring Skies Challenges

These challenges are available on November 11.

  • The Heat of Battle – Set 5 skeletons on fire
  • A Fateful Encounter – Defeat 10 red or pink Shadows of Fate
  • Inferno’s Light – Light all of your ship’s lanterns with red and pink Flames of Fate
  • Roaring Flames – Light all beacons throughout The Devil’s Roar with red or pink flames
  • Only Trying to Help – Defeat another player from a different crew
  • From the Ashes – Collect red and pink flames from the Well of Fates

Defeat the Damned! Challenges

These challenges are available on November 18.

  • From Beyond the Grave – Defeat Lord Graymarrow 5 times
  • A Rite of Passage – Use a Ritual Skull to start the Fort of the Damned
  • Voyages of the Damned – Complete all of Larinna’s Fate of the Damned Voyages at least once
  • Mix ‘n’ Match – Be Part of an Alliance with all ships of the same colored Flames of Fate
  • We Fort Together – Complete the Fort of the Damned while in an alliance
  • A Fate-Full Journey – Sail on a ship while it has all six different Flames of Fate inside the lanterns