How to complete Humility challenge in Hitman 3

Take the easy route 47. Pride is overrated.


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Humility is one of the challenges added to Chongqing with Hitman 3’s Season of Pride. It’s a challenge that you have to unlock by working against the Peacock in The Pride Profusion Escalation. This guide will cover exactly how to complete this challenge and offer some tips about boosting your level through high-rank completions along the way.

Disappoint the Peacock

This challenge is the complete opposite of the Hubris challenge. Instead of taking the more difficult route through each level of The Pride Profusion, you need to take the easy option to complete Humility. This will greatly displease the Peacock as you play, and he won’t hold back on how much you’re letting him down. Fortunately, this is the easiest way to complete the Escalation. If you’re yet to take it on, make the following choices, and you’ll unlock Humility in your first run.

You must make these choices one after the other. This means that you’ll need to restart the Escalation if you’ve already completed it.

Level 1

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You need to pick up the remote explosives from the Peacock instead of the Tanto sword for the first level. Your targets are standing on a walkway to the right of the Peacock. The best way to complete this level is to wait until the targets are alone, then knock both of them out. You can then drop the explosive on the floor and run to the exit. Detonate the explosive and exit the mission immediately. The explosive will throw the bodies off the walkway, so you could stand back and watch the fireworks if you’re so inclined. You’ll finish with a Silent Assassin rank either way.

Level 2

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The second level of this Escalation presents you with a sniper rifle, and you have to use it for this challenge. As soon as you pick the weapon up, four targets spawn on the rooftops ahead of you. All you need to do is shoot them, but try to aim for the head to conserve ammo. Three new targets will spawn on the ground once the initial four are dead. Shoot the gas canister nearby to kill them all at once. There’s an exit on this rooftop, so you can leave as soon as you’ve killed the final target.

Level 3

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The final level of this Escalation gives you a choice between a sword and the fiber wire. Pick up the Swashbuckler sword for this challenge. Four targets will spawn in the next room, and you must kill them all with the sword. You can use your camera to hack the windows in the rooms nearby as you enter the area to keep your kills a secret. You can also lure enemies into the same area as the Peacock with the photocopier to score some quiet kills. As long as none of your targets call for help, you’ll complete this level with a rank of Silent Assassin. This level, in particular, will also award you with the Ambivalence challenge if you complete it using the sword.


This is the easiest route through this Escalation. It shouldn’t be difficult to complete each mission using these weapons, but getting a Silent Assassin rank can be tough. Try to follow the method we’ve explained for each weapon and level, and you should end up with the highest score possible. Note that you don’t have to finish each level with a rank of Silent Assassin to complete this challenge. For that, you just need to finish the levels with the weapons we’ve identified.