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How to complete the Eyes of Odin quest in God of War Ragnarok

Where did these ravens come from?

The Eyes of Odin in God of War Ragnarok are the many ravens the All-Father uses to spy on the various realms. These ravens report back to him with what they see, and you can destroy them while exploring the multiple locations. However, tracking them down won’t be easy. There are 48 for you to find. Once you find them all, you’ll uncover the truth of how Odin controls them. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete Eyes of Odin in God of War Ragnarok.

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All raven locations in God of War Ragnarok

The ravens are scattered throughout the nine realms. You will need to hit them all with your Leviathan Axe or Draupnir Spear to advance the quest, which can take a good amount of time. We recommend completing the game, or getting close to the end, before trying to track them down.

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All raven locations in Alfheim

There are 10 of Odin’s ravens to find throughout Alfheim. There is a handful at the Temple of Light, The Strong, The Canyons, The Barrens, and the Forbidden Sands. You won’t be able to enter the Forbidden Sands until you upgrade your chisel.

All raven locations in Helheim

There are only two of Odin’s ravens in Helheim. You can only access Helheim as you are near the end of the game, and you have the best chances of finding these two when you go here with Kratos and Atreus when they attempt to stop Garm.

All raven locations in Midgard

There are six of Odin’s ravens in Midgard. You can unlock Midgard roughly halfway through your playthrough before you unlock the Draupnir Spear. However, we recommend grabbing the spear before returning to this location and tracking down the six ravens.

All raven locations in Muspelheim

Like Helheim, there are only two of Odin’s ravens in Muspelheim. You will unlock this location around the time you can access Helheim, and it would be best to get close to the end of the game before hunting these two down.

All raven locations in Svartalfheim

There are 13 of Odin’s ravens to find in Svartalfheim. You can find a good number of them when you initially visit this region, but you won’t find them all. More of them will be easier to find when you return to Svartalfheim and unlock the Draupnir Spear.

All raven locations in Vanaheim

There are 15 of Odin’s ravens to find in Vanaheim. Like Svartalfheim, you can only find a small handful of them while exploring the starting area, but you will gain access to the last ones when you return to Vanaheim. This will occur when you save Freyr from the Asgardians and then complete Scent of Survival, unlocking The Crater.

Unlock all legendary chests

Once you’ve locked all 48 ravens, make your way to Niflheim, and unlock the six legendary chests. These can be opened at various times, depending on how many ravens you’ve found. After you do this and attempt to leave Niflheim, the Raven Keeper will appear, and you have to defeat them to complete the quest.

How to defeat the Raven Keeper

The Raven Keeper is the one who has been commanding the ravens, providing Odin with insight into various realms whenever he needed it. You can battle against them in the arena, to the side of the Mystic Gateway in Niflheim. Fighting the Raven Keeper will be similar to battling against the other Revenants you’ve encountered, where the Raven Keeper has a large staff capable of performing ranged attacks against you and can use several weaker melee combos. If you do not hit it with an arrow, you will be unable to hit it at all, so make sure to command your companion to stun it briefly before attacking them.

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During two phases of the fight, the Raven Keeper will disappear, summoning several small minions to protect them. We recommend using the Blades of Chaos against them, as several of these foes are weak to frost-based damage, and there’s a good number of them. It’s a perfect opportunity to use the massive area attacks the blades can unleash for this fight. When most of the minions are gone, the Raven Keeper will appear, and you will need to consistently use arrows to keep it stunned before attacking.

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When you reach the end of the Raven Keeper’s health, it disappears again and summons The Pale One, a frost dragon. The creature will appear in the sky, and you will want to use the Draupnir Spear to take it out before it unleashes a frost attack. After this attack, it will land in the arena, becoming your next foe.

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The Pale One will be similar to other dragons you’ve encountered. The only difference is the frost-based attacks it will be unleashing, which means you’ll want to prepare for those to give yourself an advantage. The Blades of Chaos will also be highly effective in taking it down, draining its health faster than the Draupnir Spear or Leviathan Axe, but these are useful in bringing it down from the sky whenever it’s flying.

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Once you defeat The Pale One, the Raven Keeper will return, and you can finish them off. After taking down the Raven Keeper, you will complete the quest, freeing the ravens from their chains.

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