How to start rumors about friends in BitLife

Haven’t you heard?


Image via Candywriters

Your friends will always be there for you, and even in BitLife, they try to support you as much as possible. But things can happen that changes things, and you might continue to be friends with them, but everything goes completely as planned. Some days, you’re in a bad mood, and you decide to start a rumor about them. How you do this in BitLife is a bit more complicated and not as straightforward, you might think. If you’re attempting to complete the Mean Girls challenge, this is a requirement to do to 10 of your friends. Alternatively, this is also a challenge for the Real Housewives challenge.

You can start a rumor about a friend, typically after being with friends with them for a year, and have to make sure they’re already friends with you. To do this, you have to increase their relationship with you, and a good way to do that is to start a conversation with them or complement them. It’s a good starting base to increase your positivity about them. Once the bar is above half and you interact with them again, you’ll have the option to choose to befriend them. This adds them to your friend’s list, and you can directly interact with them in your relationship menu.

After becoming friends with them, age up and wait a year. Once this time interval passes, you’ll be able to click on them in the relationship menu, scroll down to the bottom, and start a rumor about them as one of the last choices. It will negatively impact your overall relationship with them, so don’t expect the decision to go over well.

For those attempting to complete the Mean Girls challenge, you’ll have to do this with multiple friends. You’ll want to start with grabbing as many friends as you can while you’re in school or college and then moving from there. It’s easy to gain friends while attending school, so don’t wait until you’re out looking for a job. Having multiple enemies at the place you work at is not the best situation.