How to drop items in Fortnite on PC

Throw away useless weapons and dispense ammo for your teammates by dropping items from your inventory.

Image via Epic Games

Learning how to manage your inventory when playing Fortnite is as important to winning as your aim and building skills. As you tend to spend the downtime of a battle royale match exploring the map in search of higher-tiered weapons and necessary ammo, it’s important to learn how to quickly drop the items you don’t need in order to make room for new pickups. Fortunately, dropping items in Fortnite is as quick and simple as a few key presses.

Dropping Fortnite items on PC

Image via Epic Games

At any point during a round, you can open your inventory by pressing I. Included in this inventory is your hotbar of active items — your weapons, Medkits, Shield Potions, Port-a-Forts, and other utilities — as well as your ammo types and salvaged building materials. All of these items can be dropped, and have situations in which dropping them would be beneficial to you and your teammates.

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Clicking on any item in the inventory will select and highlight it. Pressing X will then drop the selected item. For items that stack numerically, such as ammo and building materials, pressing X will drop a fixed amount of 30 items in that stack, while holding X will drop the entire stack.

Weapons are the most common item dropped, as weaker guns generally become obsolete once you find statistically better alternatives. For example, a rifle of green or blue rarity will always outperform a similarly categorized rifle of gray rarity, leading to common weapons quickly being cycled out of the hotbar.

Dropping ammo and building materials, while far less common, can allow you to ration consumables on short notice and in tense situations such as firefights. It’s in this type of situation that dropping a fixed stack of 30 items can be really helpful, as it can get your teammates back into a fight quickly without them needing to scramble out of cover.

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