How to earn a Legendary Title for your Sea of Thieves ship

Become. Legendary.

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Sea of Thieves gives you the ability to own your own ship, equip it with even more cosmetics, and truly make it your own. Added too are a host of new challenges and objectives for you to complete. One of the most sought after, besides endless heaps of Gold, will be Legendary Ship Titles. By getting your ship to Legendary, you can buy another ship of the same size. Discover how to earn a Legendary Title for your ship in Sea of Thieves in this guide.

Unlocking Legendary Ship Titles in Sea of Thieves

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To earn a Legendary Ship Title, you need to reach Class 50 on any Milestone Alignment for your Captained Ship. After you’ve purchased a ship, retrieved your Captain’s Logbook, and bought a few Captain’s Voyages, you’re free to sail wherever you want to earn your fortune. Almost everything you can do with a Captained ship is tracked in the Captain’s Log, where your Ship’s Milestones are stored.

Milestones can be anything from collecting Gold (90,000 for Class 1), selling Treasures, cooking meat, hunting Fish and sea monsters, or even being set on fire. However, you will need to focus on which areas you play. Earning Gold is part of the Gold Seeker Milestone, cooking meat is part of the Hunter Milestone, and being set aflame is part of the Ill-Fated.

Every task you complete within these particular Alignments adds to your ship’s overall Class, and there are increasing levels for each. While you can simply play and earn titles naturally, if unlocking a particular Legendary title is your goal, zero in on specific tasks from your ship’s log. If you’re after the Legendary Gold Seeker title, for instance, your goal should be the acquisition and sale of treasure at any cost, to as many places as will take it. The Legendary Ill-Fated, by contrast, should seek misery and pain wherever it can be found.

You can check your progress toward your Milestones at any time in the Ship’s Log menu, and you’ll be able to see all available Titles at the Ship Customization chest at the Shipwright store on any Outpost under Ship Decoration.

All Legendary Ship Titles in Sea of Thieves

  • The Legendary Gold Seeker
  • The Legendary Voyager
  • The Legendary Emissary
  • The Legendary Hunter
  • The Legendary Feared
  • The Legendary Rogue
  • The Legendary Ill-Fated