How to enter The Bank in Dead Cells

Oooh, shiny.

Image via Motion Twin

Dead Cells has received a steady stream of new content since its launch, from The Bad Seed to Rise of Giants to The Queen & The Sea. Now, update 28.0 has added a new biome called The Bank. Here’s how to reach it and what to expect inside.

Basically, you’re guaranteed an opportunity to visit The Bank once in every run, but you only have one chance to do so. Once you’ve reached the final stage (either the Throne Room or The Crown, introduced in The Queen & The Sea) at least once, a new shiny chest will randomly appear in the transition areas between biomes. Opening it sends you to The Bank, which will replace whatever biome(s) would normally come up next. The chest will only appear once, so you’ll need to decide whether or not to explore the alternate biome then and there.

If you decide to dive in, you’ll find yourself in a shiny, gold-laced area. The Bank contains one less power scroll than the biome(s) it’s replacing, but it does have items of the same level. You’ll also find ATMs throughout the stage, which you can use to take out loans. Be warned: if you don’t pay it all back at the end of the level, you’ll be cursed based on how much you still owe. A standard Cursed Chest is guaranteed to appear on the map too, separate from the loans.

As for enemies, you’ll encounter a smattering of baddies from the biome(s) you replaced with The Bank. There’s also a handful of new, gold-envious enemies. Update 28.0 introduces new weapons and mutations as well, but those are available throughout the whole game.