How to equip perks in UFC 4 career mode

Perks in UFC 4 can have a major effect on your fighter in career mode. Equipping your fighter with the right abilities can complement your strengths and give you the right boost necessary to get past opposing fighters. But how do you equip your fighters with perks in UFC 4? It’s not very difficult, but you may miss where to add these perks at first glance.

First off, you need to complete the introduction phase of the career mode. This means that you must have finished your four matches as an amateur. Once you do that, you will have full access to the hub screen. Here, you have a variety of options available to you, including accepting or declining fight offers, checking your record, and having the option to train for upcoming fights.

At the bottom right of the screen, there are three additional options you can select from. To access these options, press RS/R3 and select the icon on the left, which is Fighter Evolution.

The icons on the bottom right of the screen are important., and you may miss them at first glance. Selecting the Fighter Evolution icon will allow to access and add perks. (Image via YouTube (DanQ8000))

At the Fighter Evolution screen, you can perform many activities. Players can upgrade their attributes, as well as see their moveset. You’ll also be able to equip perks at this screen, and to do this, press RT/R2 until you get to the Perks option. Once there, you will be able to buy perks with any Evolution Points (which you can acquire through sparring sessions) you have, and can then equip them to your fighter.

A look at the Perks screen in UFC 4. You can equip your fighter with a maximum of five perks. (Image via YouTube (DanQ8000))

You can equip your fighter with a maximum of five perks. One of those perks will be the first perk that your fighter acquired when you selected a fighter type. Once you finish at the amateur ranks, you will be able to add a second perk. However, to add additional perks, you need to unlock those slots. Here’s how you unlock the other three perk slots:

  • 3rd Slot – Unlocked when you become a UFC fighter
  • 4th Slot – Unlocked when you become a ranked UFC fighter
  • 5th Slot – Unlocked when you become a UFC champion