How to feed and befriend Ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ravens are picky eaters.

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There are plenty of creatures that you can feed and befriend in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Each biome has a creature that is natural to it and each of these creatures needs to be fed in a specific way or you will never get to interact with them. For a long time, Ravens couldn’t be found in the valley. That changed with the Scar’s Kingdom update. This guide will show you how you can feed and befriend Ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to feed Ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ravens, like other creatures, need to be interacted with in a specific way or you won’t be allowed to approach them. While they aren’t as difficult to interact with as Raccoons and Crocodiles, they can be a bit annoying if you don’t know what you are doing. Ravens can be found in the Forgotten Lands biome of the valley. This is the biome above the Sunlit Plateau. If you haven’t unlocked it, the Forgotten Lands will cost you 15,000 Dreamlight to access.

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Once you are in the area, you will see at least two Ravens each day. This will change depending on the day and you most likely won’t see the same two Ravens two days in a row. To feed a Raven, simply walk up to one and wait. The Raven will fly up above you and circle the area before swooping back down. When it swoops back down, you will be allowed to approach it and interact with it. Feeding a Raven isn’t as simple. Ravens are picky eaters and will only accept 5-star meals.

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How to befriend a Raven in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Befriending a Raven is the same as it is for all the other animals. To make one your companion, you will need to feed the same Raven twice. While this doesn’t need to be its favorite food, it certainly helps. So make sure to bring 5-star meals with you any time you want to interact with a Raven. After feeding a Raven twice, go into your inventory and select the wardrobe tab. From there, select the companion option and you will see the Raven in the menu.