How to find Sentry Bots in Fallout 76 – All Sentry Bot locations

Big bad evil robots.

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Fallout 76 is filled with enemies that roam the wasteland of Appalachia waiting for unsuspecting vault dwellers to happen by. While there are many smaller enemies that you can take on, it is far more rewarding to defeat the large and intimidating foes. Sentry Bots are some of the most powerful robot enemies in the game. These powerful foes roam the wasteland and can easily defeat you if you aren’t careful. This guide will show you how to find Sentry Bots in Fallout 76.

All Sentry Bot locations in Fallout 76

Sentry Bots are powerful robots with miniguns on them that will rip your character to shreds if you aren’t paying attention. If you manage to defeat one, it will self-destruct after a short while, killing you if you stand too close. These foes aren’t to be messed with and should only be taken on once you have leveled up a bit first. There are only a few spawn locations for them around the map as well.

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Sentry Bots appear in multiple locations where they are friendly such as Whitespring Bunker. You can walk past these robots and nothing will happen. If you end up attacking them, however, all of the robots around Whitespring will assault you. For this reason, it is best to avoid attacking them at this location. Other locations where Sentry Bots are guaranteed to be found are:

  • Dyer Chemical
  • Site Alpha
  • Site Bravo
  • Site Charlie

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If you happen to not find a Sentry Bot at any of these locations, it is because another player has recently visited the area and you can spot one later. The following areas have a chance to spawn a Sentry Bot:

  • 98 NAR Regional
  • Garrahan Mining Headquarters (In the parking lot)
  • Mount Blair Trainyard
  • East of Watoga Station
  • NAR Repair Yard

You can also find guaranteed Sentry Bots during a few events such as the Test Your Metal and Most Wanted events. Each of these events has a Sentry Bot that will appear at the end as a type of boss for you and the others in the event to defeat. Once you find all of the Sentry Bots, start hunting down some Radscorpions.