How to Fix the Winterfest Holiday Stocking Bug in Fortnite


For the last couple of weeks, the Holiday Stocking in Fortnite has been providing you daily challenges to complete to get some lovely holiday loot. Unfortunately, players have found it bugged for them today. Previously, this wasn’t an issue because if you went to the Winterfest Cabin in the menus and there was nothing in the stocking, opening a present would reset it.

Now, because there are no presents for a lot of players, this method no longer works. Thankfully, the fix for it is pretty simple. All you need to do is play through a match, head back to the lobby, and then to the Winterfest Cabin again. You should find a challenge waiting for you. You can also restart the game to fix the issue. Remember, you will need to do this same thing each day until the end of Winterfest because we don’t know when Epic will patch the issue.

Today’s challenge is to light the frozen fireworks. You can find them on different beaches throughout the game. You only need to light one of them, and this gets you the 2020 Glider to celebrate the New Year. You can use our helpful guide to find which beaches the frozen fireworks are on.

If you need help with any other Winterfest Challenges, we have a full list of the challenges, and how to complete them. You have until Jan. 7 to get them all wrapped up, as this is when Winterfest ends.