How to fix the not receiving Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn mount bug in World of Warcraft

One buggy kitty.

Image via Activision Blizzard

Players in World of Warcraft are diligently trying out the Trading Post feature added to the game. This system should allow them to earn a set amount of currency every month simply for logging in, which can be used on rewards. “Should” is the key word here, as the Trading Post has been a buggy mess. The most prestigious reward earned from this content is the Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn mount. It is supposed to be lootable via a chest at the post called the Collector’s Cache once the Traveler’s Log is complete for the month. While most people can loot it with no issues, some players are finding no Ash’adar mount in the cache upon looting it.

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Unable to claim Ash’adar mount in World of Warcraft

Filling the Traveler’s Log bar to completion will reward the Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn mount and make it lootable from the Collector’s Cache. If you find yourself having looted the chest and there is no mount, there are several solutions to try:

  • The mount might be lootable by a different character on your account.
  • Logging off for a set amount of time also works for some people. Players have reported logging out of the game for about 15 minutes and then returning to find the Collector’s Cache lootable once again, this time with the Ash’dar mount inside.
  • The other explanation is that the Trading Post could currently be disabled.

If none of these options help then you might actually be experiencing the Ash’adar bug. Blizzard is aware that some players are actively unable to loot the mount and are working on a fix, along with the Trader’s Tender bug. The only other option is to wait patiently for the company to address the issue. They have made it clear that those affected will get their mount once the bug is resolved.