How to fix Tower of Fantasy crashing issues

Stop the crash and burn.

Image via Hotta Studio

It does not matter how popular and successful a game is, if you are having problems with it, you are not likely to stick around. Luckily, Tower of Fantasy seems to run pretty well for the most part. That being said, even the most well put together games can still have bugs and run into problems. Here is what you should do if Tower of Fantasy keeps crashing.

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How to stop Tower of Fantasy from crashing repeatedly

Unfortunately, like many other popular games at release, Tower of Fantasy experienced some early issues at its launch. If none of our suggestions below help you, we recommend practicing patience while the game’s issues are fixed over time.

If Tower of Fantasy crashes on you pretty regularly, our first recommendation is to fully shut down and restart your system. Also, check the recommended requirements for running the game and make sure your hardware is up to date. While resetting your system, also check your internet and make sure it is running well. Reset the router if needed and connect your PC directly to it with an ethernet cable.

Next, check your anti-virus or firewall and make sure it is not blocking Tower of Fantasy from accessing a part of your system. Either temporarily disable your service or make changes in the settings to allow the game to run unimpeded.

Our final suggestion is to check Tower of Fantasy for corrupted files. Start the launcher and click Game Settings under Launch. Press Repair to have it check your files.If required you might need to uninstall and reinstall the game.

As stated above, Tower of Fantasy is not immune to bugs. If your game is crashing repeatedly and none of these solutions have fixed your problems, wait for the game to be fixed.