How To Get All Counting House Vault Keys Locations in Baldur’s Gate 3

These high-security vaults will have nothing on you when you get all the Counting House vault keys in Baldur’s Gate 3.

All Vault Key Locations for the Counting House

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It’s a good thing gold doesn’t weigh in this game because you’ll be walking out of the Counting House with your pockets full after ransacking all the High-Security Vaults in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has lured me into the weirdest of places with its promises of riches. One time, I even blew up Astarion just to get a legendary weapon. He was not happy about it, I’ll tell you that. Unsurprisingly, there is no place richer than Baldur’s Gate Counting House, where the richest families stash their most-priced goodies inside the High-Security Vaults. However, unless you can manage a really high roll, your only way inside these vaults is by sourcing all the vault keys in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Get All Counting House Regular Vault Keys in Baldur’s Gate 3

Open Counting House Vaults
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There are eight regular vault keys in Baldur’s Gate 3‘s Counting House. Though you can open them with a lockpick 20 roll, the keys can be found in the following places:

Key NumberOwnerKey LocationRewards
1D. W. MartinInside Cazador’s Palace, inside an Opulent Chest, the BallroomMid-Tier Loot Chest
2Gorus ElgrinCan be obtained from Skittles, the rat trader in Heapside Prison+2 Weapons
3The BonecloaksInside Bonecloak’s Apothecary, in the store’s cellar.Alchemy loot
4N/AIt can be pickpocketed from Head Clerk Meadhoney inside the Counting House.Empty
5Harvard WilloughbyCan be pickpocketed from WilloughbyTop-Tier Loot Chest
6N/ACan be found in a backpack in the basement of Smuggler’s House.Backpack with consumables
7Oliver TefocoCan be pickpocketed from TefocoCamp clothes
8Ava MorlayCan be found in a mailbox outside the Guildhall’s ground entranceGold

All Counting House High-Security Vault Key Rewards

Just so you can decide if going through the trouble of rummaging through the pockets of your deadliest enemies is worth it, here is a list of all the counting house high-security vault rewards:

High-Security Vault KeyRewards
Lorroakan’s Vault Key 1Nymph Cloak
Spell Savant Amulet
260 Gold
Lady Jannath’s Vault Key 2Jannath’s Hat
A smutty book
Some jewelry
497 Gold
Cazador’s Vault Key 3Long Arm of the Gur Crossbow
520 Gold
Some jewelry
Allundra Grey’s Vault Key 4Trident of the Waves
Some jewelry
239 Gold
Duke Ravengard’s Vault Key 5Ravengard’s Scourger Mace
A Diary for Wyll
499 Gold
Gortash’s Vault Key 6Parasite Specimen
Notes and books on Gortash
A gold ingot
221 Gold
Ninefingers’ Vault Key 7Knock Knuckle Gloves
Chest of children’s toys
530 Gold
Viconia DeVir’s Vault Key 8Gems
Rakath Glitterbeard’s Vault Key 9Elegant Studded Leather Armour

Counting House’s High-Security Vault Key 1 Location

Counting House Key 1
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Lorroakan’s Vault Key 1 can be found in Sorcerous Sundries. The key is locked away in a hidden cabinet inside a secret room.

To get Vault Key 1 in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll need to climb up the stairs to the second floor and enter the portal to the left.

Lorroakan Vault Key
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Once you’re in Lorroakan’s office, head to the wing left of the portal and look for the flying furniture below. Jump down one furniture piece at a time until you reach the lower floor.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Before you proceed, drink a potion or consume a Scroll of See Invisibility to avoid falling into one of Lorroakan’s traps.

In the outskirts of the room, look for the Weave button with the “Below” sign in front of it. That’s the one you should interact with to enter the Sorcerous Sundries’ lowest floor.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In this room, look for the Display Case with the Heavy Iron Key Inside to get this Vault Key for the Counting House in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Counting House’s High-Security Vault Key 2 Location

High Security Vault Key 2
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Vault Key 2 belongs to Lady Jannath, the lady hosting an art party northwest of Baldur’s Gate. To get Vault Key 2 in Baldur’s Gate 3, head to Lady Jannath’s Estate just south of the House of Grief and pickpocket it from her.

Lady Jannath Vault Key
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To make your pickpocketing endeavor easier, try sneaking with a stealthy character like Astarion or using a Potion or Scroll of Invisibility.

Counting House’s High-Security Vault Key 3 Location

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Vault Key 3 belongs to the one and only Cazador Szarr, but if you’ve already beaten Astarion’s master, all that’s left is to inspect the big coffin in the battle arena at his castle.

Vault Key 3 BG3
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Inside, you’ll find the key to open his vault in the Counting House. That’s three down, six more to go.

Counting House’s High-Security Vault Key 4 Location

High Security Vault Key 4 BG3
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The Grey Vault Key, or Vault Key number 4, can be found on the second floor of the Water Queen’s House near the Grey Harbour docks.

All Vault Key Locations BG3
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To get Vault Key 4 in Baldur’s Gate 3, ungroup your party and use your sneakiest character to enter the second floor of the Water House, which is to the entrance’s right. Once upstairs, enter the dining room and look for the Opulent Chest near the windows.

Counting House’s High-Security Vault Key 5 Location

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Duke Ravengard’s key, or Vault Key 5, can be found in Wyrm’s Rock Fortress, the area where Gortash’s boss fight takes place. Though you can get this done before the boss fight, I strongly advise you to wait until the area’s been cleared out of enemies.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Head to Gortash’s throne and take a right toward the spiral staircase. This leads to the area outside the fortress. Once outside, look for a room to the right.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Head all the way to the back of this room, and opposite this mirror, you’ll find a painting behind which lies Baldur’s Gate 3 Vault Key 5.

Counting House’s High-Security Vault Key 6 Location

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To get Vault Key 6, you’ll need to retrieve it from the Iron Throne as you escape and save all the prisoners in 5 turns. Though, you could just ignore all the prisoners and go straight for the key if you’re that cold-blooded.

You’ll find Vault Key 6 in Baldur’s Gate 3 inside an opulent chest in the second room in the top corner of the Iron Throne. There are no prisoners in this room, but I guess it’s worth the trouble if you want to open all counting house vaults in BG3.

Counting House’s High-Security Vault Key 7 Location

Vault Key 7 BG3
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Vault Key 7 can be found in the Sewer’s Guildhall, with Astele “Ninefingers” Keene.

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To get Vault Key 7 in Baldur’s Gate 3, use your sneakiest characters to pickpocket the Vault Key from her person. You can also grab a knife or two; I don’t think she’ll miss them.

Counting House’s High-Security Vault Key 8 Location

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Vault Key 8 belongs to Viconia DeVir, who can be found in the House of Grief, where Shadowheart’s companion quest culminates.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The key is stored in Viconia’s bedroom, inside a Jewellery box in a bedroom to the House of Grief arena’s right.

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Counting House’s High-Security Vault Key 9 Location

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To get Vault Key 9 in Baldur’s Gate 3, either complete the quest Return Rakath’s Gold and receive it as a reward or pickpocket it from Rakath himself in the Counting House.