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How to get and use Mutated Party Packs in Fallout 76

A new type of reward.

Events appear all over the wasteland in Fallout 76 and completing them is one of the best ways to get legendary weapons, Stimpaks, and ammo. Some of the most necessary items come from these events. With the introduction of mutated events, another item was added to Appalachia; Mutated Party Packs. This item can only be obtained under certain conditions but it is well worth the hassle. This guide will show you how to get and use Mutated Party Packs in Fallout 76.

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How to get Mutated Party Packs in Fallout 76

Mutated Party Packs are an aid item that was added alongside the Mutation Invasion update. This update also added mutated events and fixed many issues that were still lingering around in the game. Mutated events can now spawn in Appalachia and are identified by their green markers. To obtain Mutated Party Packs, you will need to complete these events.

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It is not enough to simply join a mutated event. You and the other members of the event will have to complete it. Once completed, everyone will get a Mutated Party Pack if there were at least two Fallout 1st members in the event. The item will appear in the list of rewards from the event under the bonus rewards section.

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How to use Mutated Party Packs in Fallout 76

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Mutated Party Packs are counted as aid items in Fallout 76. Because of this, you will find them under the aid section in your inventory. Select the pack in your inventory to open it. Once opened, you will get a bunch of different rewards that range from junk to multiple ammo types. The ammo tends to be for whichever gun you are using when you open the pack. You are also guaranteed to get a random three-star legendary item from the Mutated Party Pack which can be used or sold to the Purveyor for some extra Scrip.

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