How to get boiling glands in Grounded

What’s cooking?


Image via Microsoft Game Studios

Insect parts are how you continually craft and make new items in Grounded. The harder, and stronger the insect, the better quality of tools and equipment you can make. A useful item you want to grab are the boiling glands. You can have them drop off of the bombardier beetles, green and yellow insects that flings goo at you. While a troublesome bug to have in your backyard, you can harvest it for several parts to use at your base, such as creating a jerky rack.

The only insect you can find in the garden that has the boiling glands are the bombardier beetles. You can find them all over the map, but we’ve mostly been running into them at these locations, northwest of the first field station, and to the southeast.

Taking them down can vary from easy to difficult, depending on what you have equipped. For those interested in fighting from a distance, it can take awhile to kill it this way, and it’s a little trickier because of its ranged attack. Going up close with the ant club or the mint mallet is probably your best bet to stun it, and avoid its boiling goo. When you kill it, you should receive one to two boiling glands. You have to kill a lot of them to stock up back at your camp.