How to make a jerky rack in Grounded

It’s a little chewy.


Food is a vital resource you consistently need to keep track of in Grounded. The best way to satisfy your character’s hunger is to find nearby mushrooms, gobble them up, or eat any of the smaller insects you find during your travels. These usually don’t taste the best and don’t completely fill up your hunger meter. It also relies on your going out to search for it, though you could make a mushroom garden on your front porch. A good way to make a stable amount of food is to create a jerky rack, but you want to focus on this later in the game.

How to research a jerky rack

You can research how to make the jerky rack by analyzing bombardier parts you salvage from a bombardier beetle. These gas-tossing insects are powerful foes, so you don’t want to rush in after them if you don’t have the proper protection or weapons to take them out. You can find them all over the garden, but most notably in the southeast and northwest regions.

How to craft a jerky rack

After researching the jerky rack, you need to obtain two resources to create it:

The woven fiber is pretty easy to find because it’s everywhere in the game, and all you have to do is refine plant parts to make it. The bombardier parts are a bit more complicated, but they’re what you needed to research the jerky rack in the first. You should have a decent idea of where to find them at this point. The tricky part is taking out the insects to harvest them.

When you have all of the parts, return to your base and set up your jerky rack. All you need to do is grab any edible insect meat to hang it up to turn it into jerky. The food is a great item to fill your hunger meter, but it does lower your thirst meter. You can easily restore it by drinking clean water, especially if you have a dew collector nearby.