How to get Carbonated Water in Tower of Fantasy

Enjoy the bubbly.

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There is no shortage of ingredients for you to come across in the world of Tower of Fantasy. These bits of food and drink are necessary to make various meals and dishes at many of the game’s cooking sites to both heal yourself and give various buffs along the way. One ingredient that is needed for some of these concoctions is Carbonated Water. Here is where you can find Carbonated Water in Tower of Fantasy.

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Where to find Carbonated Water in Tower of Fantasy

Carbonated Water is an ingredient you will most likely need to buy for your recipes. Luckily, it is very cheap and super simple to find a seller. Food Vendors sell Carbonated Water for 40 Gold a piece, with a max limit of 99 being available per day. You can get some from Mrs. Taylor in Astra outside the first ruins that you venture into in the game or from Harriet at Banges Dock if you need direct locations. They are always in this spot, and the ingredient is always available alongside Salad Dressing, Onions, Rice, and Milk.

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Being so readily available every day, Carbonated Water is lower on the overall tiers of ingredients in Tower of Fantasy. That being said, it can be combined with higher-grade ingredients to make some great dishes like Iced Strawberry Soda, Sweet Pomegranate Juice, Thundercloud Blueberry Soda, and more.

If you really want to, you can overfill yourself with Carbonated Water to have for the future while at any of the Food Vendors. It could save you a little bit of time when creating your recipes if you already have one of the smaller ingredients in the game stockpiled in your inventory, giving you more headspace to focus on finding the other more prominent ingredients out in the world.