How to get Guide to Gold in Genshin Impact

Guide to Gold is a Character Talent Material you will need to enhance the Talents of specific characters from Liyue in Genshin Impact.

Taishan Mansion Domain in Genshin Impact

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If you want to level up the Character Talents of Zhongli or Yanfei during the Overflowing Mastery rerun event in Genshin Impact, you will need a material called Guide to Gold. For instance, those looking to bolster Zhongli’s shield of jade with his Dominus Lapidis Elemental Skill will need to spend Guides to Gold after reaching higher phases of Character Ascension. Likewise, Yanfei and other units who use this Talent Level-Up Material will doubtless require it if you plan to use the corresponding characters frequently in combat. Leveling up a character’s level is important, but disregarding advancement in their Talents will leave them at a great disadvantage during battle.

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Farming Guide to Gold in Genshin Impact

Guide to Gold Map Location in Genshin Impact
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There are three primary ways to get Guides to Gold in Genshin Impact. The first and most efficient means is by visiting the Taishan Mansion, a Domain of Mastery located in Jueyun Karst of Liyue’s Minlin region. You can discover the location by investigating the lake west of Qingyun Peak. If you are a newer player to Genshin Impact, you will need to unlock the Taishan Mansion by completing a puzzle, which can be initiated using the device on the northeastern corner of the Jueyun Karst. Once triggered, the mechanism will lower the water, after which you must break Geograna Ores and guide the Geograna to the nearby lanterns.

Characters that Use Guide to Gold in Genshin Impact
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Once Taishan Mansion’s entrance is accessible, you begin farming the Guide to Gold Talent Level-Up Material in Genshin Impact by participating in Domain of Mastery: Heart of the Flames II at Level 54+. Remember that Guides to Gold will only be served as rewards on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday local time. You can also get Guides to Gold by combing three Teachings of Gold at an Alchemist’s Crafting Bench. The third method for getting this Character Talent Material is through the Parametric Transformer, but the materials received will always be randomized. Once you have enough Guides to Gold in Genshin Impact, you can spend on the following characters: Zhongli, Yanfei, Xinyan, Xingqiu, Beidou, and Geo Traveler.