How to solve the Weathered Rocks puzzle in Genshin Impact

A better use for your unfriendly Wenut!

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Genshin Impact Weathered Rocks puzzles are among the many riddles the game offers to players as a challenge. At first glance, they might look like regular rocks, but when you get closer, the game tells you they’re Weathered Rocks. To spot them, you have to do is use the Elemental Sight ability, and when you see a glowing rock in the middle of the desert, it’s likely a Weathered Rock.

Weathered Rocks are only found in the Desert of Hadramaveth, part of the Sumeru region on the map, and contain valuable rewards, but you need to break them to obtain the goodies, and that’s where the Wenut comes in. It’s a specific enemy that you’ll find roaming around the Desert of Hadramaveth and is the only way to break the Weathered Rocks. Wenut is a snake and drill-like creature that attacks you from underground.

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How to break the Weathered Rocks in Genshin Impact

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You can break the Weathered Rocks using Wenut’s attack. You need to locate a Weathered Rock and a Wenut in proximity. Then, lure Wenut close to the rock by letting it follow you. Once Wenut is close enough to the rock, you need to dodge its attack while standing near the rock and make sure it hits the Weathered Rock. This strike will cause the rock to break and reveal the valuable rewards inside.

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The rewards are usually chests that have random loot in them. It’s important to note that Wenut’s attack can be challenging to dodge, so bringing a character with high HP is a good idea when attempting to break a Weathered Rock.