How To Get Horror Story In Destiny 2 (God Roll Guide)

Learn the eerie tale of Destiny 2’s Horror Story, how to get this rifle during the Festival of the Lost event, and PvE excellence with our God Roll recommendations.

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As if the thought of investing in a new weapon wasn’t scary enough in Destiny 2, Bungie has decided to gift us with a set of new weapons to go along with this year’s Halloween event, Festival of the Lost. One of those tasty new death machines, notably the Horror Story, looks pretty strong if the base stats are anything to go by. Here’s a look at the spicy weapon and some God Stats to top it all off.

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How to Get The Horror Story Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

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The Horror Story isn’t exactly new, but it has a fresh coat of paint to accompany the more festive look of this year’s Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost event. This time, you’ll need incense and an altar to pray to the RNG gods, as Horror Story is a random drop you’ll receive at the end of a Haunted Sector run. We have exaggerated a bit; it isn’t too bad, but it’s still one of many possible rewards you can receive in the loot pool. To get access to the Haunted Sector’s, you’ll need to speak to Eva Levante at the Tower and finish her initial quests.

Destiny 2 Horror Story PvE God Rolls

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We’ve compiled a PvE stats and rolls chart for the Horror Story below. Each drop has randomized stats, so they may not match up with the ones mentioned below. These can differ depending on traits and perks Horror Story has when it drops.

Horror Story Stats

  • Impact: 29
  • Range: 57
  • Stability: 40
  • Handling: 37
  • Reload Speed: 41
  • Aim Assistance: 35
  • Zoom: 18
  • Airborne Effectiveness: 10
  • Rounds per Minute: 450
  • Magazine: 32
  • Recoil Direction: 73

Horror Story PvE God Rolls

When it comes to PvE, the Horror Story is great at range and can really lockdown an enemy with fast reloading and steady damage. If you have an excellent loadout of guns, the Discord and Cascade Point bonus is a must-have just in case some enemies come into range. Overall, Horror Story is a perfect option for haunted sectors.

  • Hammer-Forged Rifling – Durable ranged barrel. Increases range.
  • Flared Magwell – Optimized for fast reloading. Slightly increases stability. Greatly increases reload speed.
  • Discord – Grants the following for 7 seconds upon readying the weapon within 7? seconds of scoring a kill with a different weapon:
    • 0.75?x ADS Animation Duration Multiplier
    • 25% Decreased Accuracy Cone Size• 30 Airborne Effectiveness

Weapon Kills while Discord is active fully refill the Magazine of Primary Weapons, and refund 1 Ammo for Special Weapons.

Cascade Point – After scoring a kill or multiple Precision Hits within 5 seconds of each with a different weapon:

  • Grants the ‘Cascade Point Ready’ buff for 5 seconds.
  • Readying the weapon while Cascade Point Ready is active reduces Firing Delay for 2.5 seconds.
  • Firing Delay is reduced by 30% on SMGs and Machine Guns and by 40% on other archetypes.
  • Activation progress on Precision Hits:
    • Bows, Linear Fusion/Sniper Rifles, Shotguns: 50%
    • Hand Cannons, Sidearms, Scout Rifles: 17.5%
    • Auto/Trace/Pulse Rifles, SMGs, Machine Guns: 8%

Horror Story PVP God Rolls

In terms of PvP, we found that the horror story gets the best results when dealing with prolonged gunfights and regenerating shields. This is rare in PvP, so it may not be the best option for most matches. If you have a fast trigger finger, you can get a lot of mileage and perhaps create your own horror story.

  • Dynamic Sway Reduction – Improves accuracy and stability while continuously holding down the trigger.
  • Target Lock – Damage increases by an improved amount the longer this weapon remains on a target.