How to get into the Witness Protection Program in BitLife

Time for a new life.


Becoming a rat in a mafia family is a bold move in BitLife. Not only are you working with the police who don’t like you, but the mafia members are likely not going to be pleased that you’re turning in information about them. When you join a Mafia, the real challenge is making sure you don’t get caught as a rat, turning in information about the family. But if you’re looking to join the Witness Protection Program, this is the only way to do it.

You first have to become a rat to the Mafia family to have a chance of entering the Witness Protection Program. There are two ways to do this. The first is by immediately choosing to go to the police and become an informant for them in the Mafia family job menu. The next is to commit a crime for the Mafia family, being caught, and then the police giving you the option to become an informant. Of course, you can always choose not to do this and instead go to jail, but you’re typically facing 15 to 25 years.

Once you’re an informant, you have to gather evidence against the crime family. The police give you a certain amount of time to complete this, so you can’t sit on it.

You can do this by interacting with any of the Mafia members in the co-worker’s menu as if you were to spend time with them or compliment them. You want to choose to collect evidence against those like you, not the ones with a red or orange bar relationship with you. You’ll have to do this multiple times against several members, and there’s the possibility that they attempt to call you out for collecting evidence. When this happens, you’ll have the option to admit to it or attempt to whack them to keep them from talking.

We highly recommend that when you choose to become a rat, if you have the option, to do this when you’re a high-ranking member of the family and have been doing it for several years. If you do it as a lowly member of the family, chances are many of the members of the mafia group are not going to want to speak with you or interact with you. It makes it difficult to collect evidence, and when the five years are up, you won’t have enough to give to the police, forcing you to go to jail.

After you’ve collected enough evidence against the family, return to the authorities, and they’ll take it from there. Following a short period of waiting, the police approach you to share that they’ve detained several members of the crime family, and they’re planning to press charges against them. They then offer you the chance to enter the Witness Protection Program, where you’ll relocate to a new country, receive a new name, and have to start over with nothing. You also have the option to take your chances at home, but many members of the Mafia family who did not have charges against them will attempt to harass and intimidate you.

The Witness Protection Program can be difficult to enter because of how much evidence you have to collect against the Mafia. Luckily, once you’re in it, you’re stuck in it unless you continue to do more criminal activities in the new country.