How to get Opulent weapon crafting patterns in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted

Weapons gilt with power.

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The core of the loot grind in Season of the Haunted revolves around the Nightmare Containment and Sever activities and turning in Umbral Engrams at the Crown of Sorrow at the H.E.L.M. Every Opulent and Haunted weapon requires you to collect and level five Deepsight modded versions to unlock their crafted version. With guns like Austringer and Beloved getting enhanced versions of their best perks, you’ll want the ability to craft them as fast as possible.

The problem is that drop rates for Deepsight Opulent weapons are less than stellar. If you aren’t using optimal farming methods, it might take you dozens of hours to unlock even one craftable Opulent weapon. We’ll go over the Crown of Sorrow upgrades you should prioritize and where you should spend your time on the Leviathan in this guide.

Best Crown of Sorrow Upgrades for farming Opulent weapons

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As of Week 3, you’ll have access to all the necessary perks, save one (Umbral Rift), to get the absolute most out of your Opulent weapon pattern farm. Your goal should be maximizing two things: your Opulent Umbral Energy and Deepsight weapon availability. The following Crown of Sorrow upgrades covers most of that.

  • Opulent Deepsight (First opulent chest opened grants Deepsight weapon)
  • Opulent Weapon Focusing (Focus Opulent weapons at the Crown of Sorrow)
  • Umbral Energy Chests (Opulent and Alcove chests now might grant additional Opulent Umbral Energy)
  • Sever Deepsight (First Sever activity Bound Presence usage grants a Deepsight weapon)
  • Umbral Binding (Receive additional Opulent Umbral Energy by binding at the end of Nightmare Containment)
  • Focusing Deepight (The first Opulent or Haunted weapon you focus on each week is Deepsight modded)
  • Umbral Rift (First Bound Presence redemption grants additional Opulent Umbral Energy)

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Best Opulent Umbral Energy farm for more Deepsight modded weapons

You’ll be spending a lot of time in Nightmare Containment and the Sever activities, as they are the most consistent and rewarding source of Opulent Umbral Energy. The final chest also has a chance to award an Opulent Key. Be sure to open the chests that become available during the lifted lockdown at the end of Containment if you didn’t get an Opulent Key from the final chest.

As soon as you get an Opulent Key, head to its location and open its associated chest, as each key offers a free chance at a Deepsight modded Opulent weapon. Head back into the Castellum and do another Containment. Repeat the process until you have several dozen units of Opulent Umbral Energy. Then head to the Crown of Sorrow.

Best ways to get Deepsight modded weapons at the Crown of Sorrow and beyond

At the Crown of Sorrow, navigate to the weapon focusing page and collect your guaranteed Deepsight modded weapon if you haven’t already this week. Next, instead of focusing on specific weapons, which costs 27 Opulent Umbral Energy, choose instead to focus on the generic Opulent Weapons engram at the far left of the menu.

While you won’t be targeting any specific weapon, you’ll have almost four chances at a Deepsight modded Opulent weapon instead of only one. You’ll also clear out your Umbral Engram inventory, which is bound to fill up the more you play.

Once you’ve exhausted your Opulent Umbral Energy supply, head back to the Leviathan to re-up. Repeat the above methods across as many characters as you have appropriately leveled until you’ve unlocked the weapon pattern for all the Opulent Weapons. Your task then is to use them until you can activate their best perks, which is another massive grind beyond the scope of this guide.