How to get Pale Steak in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Add this monster material to your item box.

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You can find Pale Steak in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and it’s a monster material. You will need it if you want to complete several of the weapons in the game or work on your armor. You can only find it by battling a particular creature. In this guide, we’re going to cover how you can get Pale Steak in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

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Where to find Pale Steak in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The monster that drops Pale Steak is the Khezu, a creature you can find in the base Monster Hunter Rise game and the Sunbreak expansion. When attempting to farm Pale Steak, we recommend going after it on Master Rank difficulty, but it does drop this material on High Rank.

Comparing these two rankings, Master Rank gives you a better chance to harvest this item from a Khezu after breaking its head. This is because you will have a 16% chance of loot it during the battle. However, when battling a High Rank Khezu, you have an 8% chance to earn Pale Steak as a target reward, 10% when capturing this Khezu, or a 12% chance when you break its head during combat.

Although the High Rank gives you more chances to find Pale Steak, the Master Rank Khezu hunt might be better for you. In addition, the Master Rank Khezu does drop additional items, such as a Lightning Sac, Pearl Glosshide, Mystic Hardfang, and Monster Toughbone. The overall items to receive from a Master Rank Khezu are better than the High Rank one, especially if you’ve purchased and are working your way through the Sunbreak expansion.

Regardless of which Khezu you hunt, there’s a low chance of dropping this item. You may need to complete this hunt with your friends several times, and you want to make sure to break the Khezu’s head during the battle for the highest chance to receive Pale Steak.