How to get the 50 Cal Machine Gun in Fallout 76

Big guns are all the rage.

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There are a lot of different weapons that you can get your hands on in Fallout 76. You can find everything from small pistols to massive machine guns. The 50 Cal Machine Gun is one of the most powerful heavy weapons in the game. This weapon is able to take down enemies extremely fast but also consumes a lot of ammo in the process. Make sure you are prepared if you plan on making a build using this beast of a weapon. This guide will show you how to get the 50 Cal Machine Gun in Fallout 76.

Where to find the 50 Cal Machine Gun in Fallout 76

The 50 Cal Machine Gun is a very powerful weapon that first appeared back when the game was released. Over the years, many players have refined their builds with this weapon and turned it into something more powerful than ever imagined. If you plan on using this weapon, you will need to craft a lot of ammo but it will be worth it. Getting your hands on this weapon is pretty easy as well since there are multiple ways to get it.

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You can get the 50 Cal Machine Gun in multiple places around Appalachia. You can find this weapon sitting out in the open, able to be picked up at any time. If you are looking for this weapon, check the following areas:

  • Hemlock Holes – Near a downed vertibird on the back of a destroyed truck southeast of the area.
  • Abandoned Bog Town – On the back of a large fortified truck near some sandbags.
  • Clarksburg – Southeast of Clarksburg along the road on the back of a truck.

While it is possible to find this weapon around Appalachia, you can also purchase it from the following vendors:

  • Vendor bot at Watoga Shopping Center
  • Raider vendor bot at Pleasant Valley Station
  • Raider vendor bot at Sutton Station
  • Raider vendor bot at Welch Station

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Instead of purchasing one or obtaining the weapon from a location on the map, you can also craft the weapon yourself if you get ahold of the plans for it. The plans for the 50 Cal Machine Gun can drop from creatures in the Savage Divide as well as appear in containers within the Savage Divide. You can also purchase the plans from the following vendors:

  • Brotherhood vendor at Whitespring Resort
  • Raider vendor at Whitespring Resort
  • Vendor Bot Phoenix at Watoga Shopping Plaza
  • Vendor Bot Resin at Pleasant Valley Ski Resort

Once you get your hands on the plans, you can build a 50 Cal Machine Gun at any of the weapons workbenches around the map. This weapon can also drop as a legendary weapon from various events and legendary enemies. The Submachine Gun is another great weapon for those who don’t want to use a massive machine gun.