How to get the Flower Boucage in Final Fantasy XIV

Spruce up your room.

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Designing the perfect interior is a game of patience and observation in Final Fantasy XIV. Housing enthusiasts go to great lengths to create the perfect dwelling to show off. Foliage is a big part of many player’s designs, and Square Enix is constantly adding new ways to show color through tabletop flowers and plants. One item that is highly sought after is the Flower Boucage, which can be placed on any surface to add some floral flair. Here’s how to get the Flower Boucage in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to craft the Flower Boucage in Final Fantasy XIV

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In order to make the Flower Boucage housing item for yourself, you will need to have leveled the Alchemist Discipline of the Hand job to level 90. The Flower Boucage is a recipe learned at this level, and appears in the Alchemist section of your crafting log under the Housing category.

In order to make the Flower Boucage, you will need the following materials:

  • Eight Water Crystals
  • Eight Lightning Crystals
  • Three Bamboo Stick – Harvested via a Level 50 Botany node at 7 AM Eorzea Time at (X:28.6, Y:25.6) in Upper La Noscea
  • Two Growth Formula Kappa – Crafted via a Level 76 Alchemist Recipe
  • One Shroud Seedling – Harvested via a Level 20 Botany node at (X:18.3, Y:28.0) in The East Shroud
  • One Berkanan Sap – Looted from Berkanan mobs In Labyrinthos or purchased from the Endwalker Bicolor Gemstone Vendor for 2 Bicolor Gemstones

There is no need to worry about quality when crafting the Flower Boucage as housing items cannot be crafted into high-quality anyway.

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Purchasing the Flower Boucage on the Market Board in Final Fantasy XIV

Players who have the gil to spare or do not have the Alchemist job at level 90 can instead find a player or friend with the Alchemy profession at level 90 or simply purchase the Flower Boucage off of the Market Board. While this is the easier method to obtain the item, the Flower Boucage is not cheap. Don’t forget to pick up a Miniature Aetheryte here as well if you are just beginning to decorate so you can get back to your house quickly.