How to get the Gatling Gun plans in Fallout 76

Fast firing mayhem.

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Fallout 76 is a game that is all about survival in a world that is highly hostile around every turn. Because of this, the weapons and armor you choose to take with you on your journey can greatly affect your survival capabilities. After all, a pistol is much weaker than an automatic weapon. One of the most powerful weapons in Fallout 76 is the Gatling Gun. While it may look like an antique, this weapon can decimate foes with the pull of a trigger. This guide will show you how to get the Gatling Gun plans in Fallout 76.

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Gatling Gun plans location in Fallout 76

Like other plans in Fallout 76, you can get the plans for the Gatling Gun by purchasing them from a vendor bot. Of course, everything in the game is always complicated. While the plans are available at some vendor bots around the wasteland, before you can purchase them, you will need to raise your level to at least 20. Progress through the campaign, and make sure to collect as many Caps as you can throughout your journey.

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There are two vendor bots that you can purchase the Gatling Gun plans from once you reach level 20; the Brotherhood Vendor in Whitespring Mall, and Vendor Bot Phoenix in Watoga. Both vendor bots will sell you the Gatling Gun plans for around 2,800 Caps. You can lower the cost by raising your Charisma score and getting perks like Hard Bargain.

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If you don’t feel like spending your hard-earned Caps on the plans, you can also obtain them by completing missions. Specifically, you can obtain the Gatling Gun plans by completing daily and repeatable missions in the Savage Divide region of the map. Unfortunately, there aren’t any event missions that offer the Gatling Gun plans as a reward.