How to get the Lightstring emblem in Destiny 2

Chat it up with Eva Levante.

Image via Bungie

It’s the holiday season, which means one thing: It’s time for The Dawning in Destiny 2. The shooter’s yearly event is filled with all sorts of festive quests, collectibles, and cosmetics for Guardians to indulge in, one of which is the Lightstring emblem. Like many of Destiny 2’s seasonal items, this one is only available for a limited time. Here’s how you can get the Lightstring emblem during The Dawning in Destiny 2.

The emblem requires you to complete The Dawning’s introductory quest, which you can acquire by speaking to Eva Levante in the Tower. The quest consists of the following steps:

  • Use Eva Levante’s Holiday Oven to bake a gift for Commander Zavala.
  • Deliver your gift to Commander Zavala in the Tower.
  • Head back to Eva Levante to let her know how Zavala liked the gift.
  • Purchase an upgrade from Eva.
  • Speak to Eva once more in the Tower, which will conclude the mission.

Despite Bungie claiming on its website that you just need to complete the event’s introductory quest to acquire this emblem, there is one additional step: You have to complete the event’s first triumph, “Cookie Delivery: Vanguard,” but don’t worry, it’s an easy one. This triumph simply requires that you give a cookie to both Zavala and Ikora. Since you gave one to Zavala already in the introductory quest, you’ll just have to gather enough ingredients to make one for Ikora. Once you have enough ingredients, bake your cookie, give it to Ikora, and then claim your triumph.

After completing these steps, head over to Bungie Rewards’ website, and sign in with your Destiny 2 account information. If you click on “claim digital rewards,” you should then be able to redeem the emblem. If it’s not redeemable at first, try exiting the game and then reloading the webpage. After that, you’ll be able to find the emblem in your collection. If you’re curious about where to find certain ingredients for treats you can make during The Dawning, such as Ether Cane or Vex Milk, check out our coverage on Destiny 2 throughout the event.