How to get the Omnium Beast Right Arm in Tower of Fantasy

The grind never ends.

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If you want to get around in Tower of Fantasy, you will probably want to get yourself a vehicle. This mode of transportation is much faster than walking, and each vehicle stands out as they all have a unique design. The Omnium Beast vehicle is a mech unit that you can pilot. Run across the lands in style with this vehicle under you. Of course, if you want this vehicle, you will have to build it. This guide covers how you can get the Right Arm of the Omnium Beast.

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Omnium Beast Right Arm location in Tower of Fantasy

There are some vehicle parts that you need to go through quests for and some that you can find from simply exploring the map. Unfortunately, the Omnium Beast Right Arm is one of the more annoying vehicle parts to obtain because you need to farm for it, and the drop rate is not high whatsoever.

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To get the Omnium Beast Right Arm, you will need to farm the Behemoth enemies that can be found between the Banges and Crown regions of the map. The locations of these monsters are marked on the map above. The easiest of them to farm is below the Banges Shelter Spacerift and will respawn every five or so minutes. Once you have the piece and you have collected the other two parts of the vehicle, you can unlock the Omnium Beast in the vehicle menu.