How to get the Samir Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

Let’s fire those Dual EM Stars.

Image via Hotta Studio

Samir is beautiful SSR simulacra in Tower of Fantasy, and you get Dual EM Stars with her as a weapon. With her Dual EM Stars guns, you can hunt enemies and bosses from a good range, which comes in handy with many different enemies. Getting Samir can be challenging as there are only a few ways to do that, and even those are based on your luck. Here is how to get the Samir Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy.

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How to get Samir Simulacra & Dual EM Stars

There are two ways to get Samir Simulacra and the Dual EM Stars in Tower of Fantasy: using special orders and defeating world bosses. Remember that these methods do not guarantee Samir, but do offer a small chance of getting her.

Using special orders

In Tower of Fantasy, there is a special order mechanism that lets you use the in-game currency to pull up random rewards, including a chance to get Samir Simulacra and her Dual EM Stars. There are two types of special orders; limited-time ones and normal ones. If Samir is available on limited-time orders, you should buy those. If not, you should stick with normal special orders.

Defeating world bosses

Another way to have a chance of getting Samir Simulacra and the Dual EM Stars is by looting the chest of world bosses. To defeat world bosses, you must team up with other players; otherwise, it’s almost impossible to defeat them. Additionally, you should bring weapons that are strong against the specific world bosses to have a better chance of defeating them. Here are some world bosses that you can defeat in Tower of Fantasy.

These bosses are extremely powerful, and you should be at their level to beat them. The lowest level boss, Robarg, is level 24, so you must be at least level 24 before farming for world bosses. After defeating any of them, use the perfect decipher to have a chance of getting Samir Simulacra & Dual EM Stars.