How to get the Stay Frosty Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2

Stay Frosty guardians.

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The Stay Frosty Pulse Rifle is a legendary Stasis weapon that can be earned exclusively in the Dawning 2022 limited-time event. The Dawning is the annual holiday-themed event that comes to Destiny 2 every Winter and features Destiny 2’s favorite space grandma, Eva Levante. Stasis weapons are potent when appropriately used, so getting this weapon should be a top priority for any players looking to wield this powerful element. This guide will explain how to get the Stay Frosty Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2.

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How to unlock the Stay Frosty Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2

During the Dawning 2022 Destiny event, which runs from December 13 to January 3, 2023, you can unlock and farm this legendary Stasis weapon. To initially earn this gun and begin farming it for god rolls, you must complete The Dawning story quest.

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To do this, you must head to the Tower. You will find Eva Levante standing in the clearing, which is how you can begin the steps to unlock this Pulse Rifle.

  1. Speak to Evan Levante and begin The Dawning quest.
  2. Access Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.1 and create some Gjallardoodles.
  3. Bring the cookies to Zavala.
  4. After delivering his gift, access the Event Card in the Quests tab and claim the first Event Challenge.
  5. This will grant you an Event Ticket, and a curated drop of the Stay Frosty Stasis Pulse Rifle.
  6. Return to Eva Levante to complete the Dawning quest, and now you can farm this weapon for new drops and rolls.

How to farm the Stay Frosty Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2

Once you’ve unlocked the weapon and completed the Dawning’s introductory quest, you can begin farming this weapon for some powerful PVP and PVE builds. You must earn the Limited Exchange Ticket upgrade from Eva Levante to do this.

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This upgrade will cost 40 Dawning Spirit to unlock. You can earn Dawning Spirit by baking cookies and delivering them to friendly faces located throughout the game. Once you earn this upgrade, you can focus gifts for this weapon repeatedly to the tune of 25 Dawning Spirit and a single Gift in Return.

Hunt down enemies for ingredients, bake some cookies and exchange them for fresh rolls of the Stay Frosty weapon during the Dawning 2022 event in Destiny 2.