How to get the Touch Grass emote in Destiny 2

No need to go outside.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 has plenty of cosmetic choices for players to mix and match to their liking, including a slew of emotes that are arguably some of the most impressive you’ll find in gaming. In this case, Bungie has taken the age-old insult/joke of touching grass literally and added in a emote that quite literally has your character touch grass. If you want to get in on the joke, we’ve put together this small guide to tell you how you can grab this emote.

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Where to get the Touch Grass emote in Destiny 2

Getting this emote is straightforward compared to other tasks and items in Destiny 2. First, you’ll need to get yourself some Silver, the in-game currency for Destiny 2 that you can purchase with real money. You’ll need 1,000 to buy the emote, which will set you back around £8/$10. You’ll also get an extra 100 Silver free of charge, which you can save for later.

Next, you’ll want to head over to the Eververse store, which can be found in the courtyard of the Tower and talk to Tess Everis, the vendor that deals with silver currency and microtransactions. The emote will be in Season 20 Week One’s featured items, so you can pick it up right from there. However, if you are reading this after then, you’ll want to head to the archive page in the store, and after a bit of scrolling, you should be able to find the emote somewhere in the menus. You’ll be able to preview the emote first to see what it does, which has your character sitting down on lush computer-generated grass with butterflies flying around you as you sit back and relax. If you decide you want it, purchase and equip it via your inventory and you are all done.

Once you have finished checking out the store and emote, you can get to work on some of the new content in Destiny 2: Lightfall, including learning about the new Strand subclasses and their unique abilities, such as Woven Mail, getting the new Terminal Overload keys to unlock more and better loot, and play through the games new campaign mission.