How to get the Unbroken cloak in Forspoken

Unbroken like your will.

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Forspoken is filled with various pieces of gear that you can find hidden throughout the land of Athia. Each piece of gear that you find can be equipped on Frey to enhance her abilities, with cloaks being one of the most common gear types. Relatively late in the game, you can find a wonderful cloak named Unbroken. This cloak is one of the best that you can get your hands on and below we will show you how to get the Unbroken cloak in Forspoken.

Where to find the Unbroken cloak in Forspoken

Cloaks are just one of the three types of gear you can get in the game. After progressing through the game and beating Tanta Prav, you will be able to access the area of the map known as Visoria. When you first enter Visoria, you will be around Visoria Castle Town. From there, head south to the region called Inner Visoria. Here, you can find the Curiosity Shop.

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The Curiosity Shop is marked on the map by a symbol with two arrows and is where you can grab a few items to help you on your journey. One of the items that you can buy here is the Sewing Kit which costs 64 Old Coins. If you don’t have the number of Old Coins necessary to purchase it, you can always search for them around Athia.

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After you purchase the Sewing Kit, you will be able to make both the Unbroken cloak and the Home Sweet Hell necklace at any of the crafting stations around the map. You will need the following items to craft the Unbroken cloak:

  • 3 Fluteblossom
  • 3 Bumbershoot
  • 3 Lucid Garland
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The Unbroken cloak automatically has three upgrades applied to it:

  • Critical hits absorb enemy health
  • Critical hits boost surge magic recharge rate
  • Cuff counters improve surge magic recharge rate

These upgrades can be switched out at any time at a crafting station to better fit your play style but are great for those who have builds that focus on critical hits.