How To Get Wolf Marks In Final Fantasy XIV (& How To Use Them)

Wolf Marks can be used to get some cool cosmetic items for your character and house In Final Fantasy XIV. Learn all about how to earn this currency.


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Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of content to enjoy, and one of these includes the often-overlooked PvP modes, which come with their own currencies and rewards. Wolf Marks is one of the currencies players use to purchase PvP rewards, and it can be a bit time-consuming to earn.

Since PvP in Final Fantasy XIV isn’t as popular as its PvE counterparts, obtaining Wolf Marks isn’t that easy. To help you get this currency quickly and earn those rewards, we’ve put together this guide with details on how to get Wolf Marks in Final Fantasy XIV and how to use them.

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What are Wolf Marks in Final Fantasy XIV?

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Wolf Marks are a PvP currency in Final Fantasy XIV that players earn from PvP-related activities and tasks. These can be used to unlock cosmetics and other items, including weapons, armor, emotes, and furniture.

How to Earn Wolf Marks

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There are a few ways to earn Wolf Marks in Final Fantasy XIV, all of which involve playing the game’s PvP modes. These modes include Frontlines, the massive three-team battleground style mode; Rival Wings, a MOBA style mode involving towers and summon mechs; and Crystalline Conflict, a tug-of-war style mode involving capturing a point and moving it to the enemy side.

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Here, we have the full breakdown of how many Wolf Marks you will earn depending on your placement in a match and between game modes.

Mode and PlaceReward
Frontline (1st Place)1000
Frontline (2nd Place)750
Frontline (3rd Place)500
Rival Wings (Win)1000
Rival Wings (Lose)500
Crystalline Conflict (Win)500
Crystalline ConflicT (Lose)250

As you can see, winning a Rival Wings or Frontline will yield you the biggest rewards, but the downside to these modes is they tend to be longer and can take some time to finish, with matches stretching out depending on the teams. With that said, the other methods I mentioned might make the shorter Crystalline Conflict a bit more tempting thanks to the other ways of earning Wolf Marks.

Exchanging Trophy Crystals for Wolf Marks

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Crystalline Conflict, the newest PvP offering, has its own currency that players can earn called Trophy Crystals, which like Wolf Marks, you can use to unlock items and rewards. However, one of the other uses for these items is to exchange them and earn yourself a hefty amount of Wolf Marks.

For 1,000 of these crystals, you can purchase a Wolf Collar from the Crystal Quartermaster, which you can then take to the Collar Quartermaster and exchange for 4000 Wolf Marks. I’ve found this to be a pretty quick and effective way to earn Wolf Marks with a little less time spent in matches since Crystalline Conflict tends to be a shorter game mode.

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Challenge Log Rewards

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In addition to these mode direct methods, you also have the Challenge Log, which gives players rewards for completing set tasks in a week, including completing and winning PvP matches in the different game modes, with each reward giving you 1000 Wolf Marks. I see this as a great way to get a bit of extra help to earn you more of the currency, and you don’t even need to actively pay attention to it for the most part; play PvP, and you should earn a few without realizing it.

Increasing Your Wolf Mark Rewards

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As an extra tip, it is possible to earn even more Wolf Marks if you are in a Free Company (FC), as you can have the Mark Up I, Mark Up II, and Mark Up III buffs, which will give you a 5%, 10%, and 15% increase to all your rewards respectively. I suggest joining or starting a FC if you’re looking to get these benefits.

You need the FC to pick these actions to have them active, and they do not stack, so you can’t put them all on at once. Your FC will also need to be Rank 5 to use FC Actions, with the better versions unlocking as you reach higher levels.

Where to Use Wolf Marks in Final Fantasy XIV

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You can spend your Wolf Marks in Final Fantasy XIV at two vendors in the Wolves’ Den Pier. This can be done at the Mark Quartermaster and the Disreputable Priest, both of which will have different domestic rewards, including emotes and hairstyles.