How to get Keystones in Diablo 3

Orek is about to become your best friend.

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In Diablo 3, Keystones have been vital to Adventure Mode since its addition in the Reapers of Souls DLC. They’ve evolved quite a bit over the past near-decade, and become an even more integral part of the late-game Diablo 3 experience. As Season 28 closes out Diablo 3 season gameplay, here’s how to have as many last-minute Keystone adventures as possible.

What are Keystones in Diablo 3?

Keystones are a long-standing item in Diablo 3 that lets you open Nephalem Rifts. However, as the game evolved, Keystones stopped being necessary to open basic Nephalem Rifts. Now, basic Nephalem Rifts can be opened whenever for free. Instead, it’s Greater Rift Keystones that you collect and use to dungeon-crawl through Greater Rifts. If you do not have a Greater Rift Keystone, you can not open any Greater Nephalem Rifts and, therefore, miss out on tons of Diablo 3 loot.

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Where to find Keystones in Diablo 3

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As far as farming for Greater Rift Keystones goes, you can only get them by beating a level 70+ basic Nephalem Rift. Level 70 basic Rift Gaurdians drop this item once defeated. If you fight Rift Guardians above level 70, you even get the chance to possibly get two or three Greater Rift Keystones. All you have to do is pick a Nephalem Rift level that you can comfortably breeze through in a few minutes and you can efficiently farm up quite a few Greater Rift Keystones.

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What are Keystones used for in Season 28?

At first glance, Greater Rift Keystones have the same function as always. They let you enter Greater Nephalem Rifts and fight the Greater Rift Guardians for more loot and experience. However, they also are more critical in Season 28 than ever. Not only do they open Greater Rifts, but also it’s necessary for the Altar of Rites, which gives you potion powers and other buffs. To start, you need 20 Greater Rift Keystones for the 12th Seal unlocks on the Altar of Rites. Moreover, though, many of the other sacrificial items necessary for the Altar of Rites can only be found in Greater Rifts. For example, the one way to get Petrified Screams, the Ancient Puzzle Ring, and Primordial Ashes are by traversing and looting Great Rifts. If you don’t use Keystones to farm Greater Rift Guardians, you won’t ever be able to finish the Altar of Rites or Season 28.