How to get a Petrified Scream in Diablo 3

Hear the screams of your ancestors a little louder.

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Over the past eight seasons, Diablo 3 has introduced dozens of new game mechanics, crafting materials, and consumable items. One of these additions was the Petrified Scream. A frightening memento of a shrieking man, the Petrified Scream has more uses than you’d expect. Here’s how to get the Petrified Scream.

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What is a Petrified Scream in Diablo 3?

In Season 26, Diablo 3 devs added the Petrified Scream as a new consumable to take players to a new challenge: the Echoing Nightmare. If you put your Petrified Scream in your Kanai’s Cube, you can transmute it. This will cause a nearby portal to open which will take you to the Echoing Nightmare mode. The Echoing Nightmare is a raid-style challenge, where you fight increasingly more difficult waves of enemies, elites, and bosses. The more you defeat, the more rewards you get, including the Whisper of Atonement gem.

Lore-wise, though, the Petrified Scream is a lot less fun. Supposedly this artifact collects the scream of grieving Nephalem mourning the fall of their society. Brutal.

Where do you find Petrified Screams in Diablo 3?

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Like many important items, Petrified Screams are dropped by Greater Rift Guardians. So, you’ll have to beat a few Nephalem Rifts at a high level to get Greater Rift Keys and open Greater Rifts. However, beating Greater Rift Guardians doesn’t ensure you a guaranteed drop. Sometimes you’ll have to go around farming Greater Rift Guardians for a while before you get a Petrified Scream. Because of that, be smart about it. Only farm Greater Rifts levels that you know you can run through quickly.

What are Petrified Screams used for in Diablo 3 Season 28?

When it comes to your Season 28 goals, especially the Altar of Rites, Petrified Screams are useful for many reasons. The consumable by itself can help you unlock one of your seals, as it’s the 14th sacrifice needed for your altar. However, a Petrified Scream is necessary for other seal unlocks, too. After all, you also need a Whisper of Atonement level 125, something you can only achieve by beating a notable amount of enemy waves in the Echoing Nightmare challenge mode.

Getting a Whisper of Atonement level 125 isn’t the hardest seal unlock in Season 28 (that honor goes to getting 340 Primordial Ashes) but it’s pretty close.