How to investigate the Anomaly at Lazy Lake in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Strange things are happening.

Image via Gamepur.

There is an Anomaly at Lazy Lake in Fortnite, and it is up to us to investigate it for the Week 1 challenges. The challenge is set in Lazy Lake the town, not Lazy Lake the lake, so that is the first important piece of information you need.

The second is to make your way to house number 2, in the northwest corner of Lazy Lake town, and go inside. A butterfly made of energy will appear and will lead you downstairs.

When you get all the way to the bottom, it will disappear, so smash through the wall with the TV on it using your harvesting tool. Inside is a secret room with a strange table with four glass panels on either side. Each panel has an orb you can interact with.

Hit the one closest to the wall that you destroyed, then the one on the furthest side of the table. From there, hit the one on the left, and then the one on the right. A strange item will appear in the middle of the table that you can interact with, wrapping up the challenge and earning a sweet 24,000 XP.

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