How To Level Up Your Broom Fast In Cult of The Lamb’s ‘Sins of the Flesh’ Update

Cult of the Lambs’ Sins of the Flesh update adds a broom you can use, and this guide shows you how to level it up.

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The Cult of the Lamb update, Sins of the Flesh, comes with a handful of new features that you can check out for free. One of the tough things players have been trying to figure out is how to level up the broom, and how to do that quickly.

Your broom is an item that you’re going to use as you clean messes throughout your Cult. These messes are left behind by your cult followers, and unfortunately, if they sit there for too long, they become gross and wear down your Cult’s overall satisfaction. Although your followers can clean up these messes themselves, up to you to make sure everything is tidy, and that means leveling up your broom. Here’s what you need to know about how to level up your broom fast in Cult of the Lamb‘s Sins of the Flesh update.

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How to Level Up Broom in Cult of the Lamb

How to level up your broom in Cult of the Lamb
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You can level up your broom by cleaning up the poop, vomit, and burnt food, or via emptying the outhouse in Cult of the Lamb. Alongside the arrival of the Sins of the Flesh update, a follower has the chance to drop various types of poop when they leave it on the ground, and if your lamb cleans this up, it gives your broom experience points.

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Your broom will gradually level up as you play Cult of the Lamb, making it easier for your lamb to clean up any mess left behind by your followers. These are minor tasks that you don’t have to worry too much about if you take care of them every time you visit your Cult, but if you forget to check every corner of your land, there’s a chance your followers might have a hidden, gross mess for you. It pays to take your time to sweep through the entire area to find anything that has been dropped by your followers.

All followers have a chance to drop Gold Poop, but they might also leave behind Glow Poop, Devotion Poop, Massive Poop, a Poop pet, or a Rainbow Poop. These variations in Cult of the Lamb all have unique effects, making them distinct from the standard poop that you were already finding. After you clean up these messes, there are also distinct fertilizers that you can acquire and place your crops, giving them unique effects – this is perfect for growing cotton in Cult of the Lamb. For exact, if you clean up a Golden Poop, and use fertilizer on your plants, there are gold and gold bars that can be left behind after you’ve harvested the plants.

When you want to level up your broom, take some time out of your Cult of the Lamb runs to get your hands dirty and work on cleaning up your cult area. It pays to take time away from hunting down heretics to look after your flock.