How To Make An Easy Cobblestone Generator In Minecraft

Here’s how to generate lots of Cobblestone in Minecraft.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cobblestone is an easy resource to find in most of the gameplay modes in Minecraft, but there are times when it can be difficult to farm, which is why you need an easy Cobblestone generator to produce resources for your world. The swiftest way to find Cobblestone is to go digging with a pickaxe, but you can build a generator for the substance in your home base with ease.

Players can use Cobblestone to quickly create a shelter early on in the game, but it serves a number of other uses. One of the main things you can use Cobblestone for is making Stone Bricks in Minecraft, as it can burnt in a furnace to produce Stone, which has uses of its own. Cobblestone is also helpful for creating stone weapons, and can be combined with Redstone for all kinds of machinery.

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Minecraft: How To Easily Generate Cobblestone

Screenshot by Gamepur

To build your Cobblestone generator in Minecraft, you’ll need two Buckets. To forge a Bucket, you’ll need three Iron Ingots and a Crafting Table. With the Buckets in hand, you must fill one of them with water and one with lava. Then,pick out a spot where you want to generate Cobblestone and create a line of four blocks. Dig an additional hole in one of the inner blocks, as seen in the screenshot above.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With the hole prepared, pour the Bucket filled with water into the gap. On the opposite end, pour the lava, which will flow connect with the water and turn into a Cobblestone. Just be careful about the lava & water placemebt, as doing it the wrong way will create Obsidion and not Cobblestone.

Once you’re ready to reap the harvest, whip out your Pickaxe and start hitting the Cobblestone. You’ll collect it as soon as it’s broken, and the lava will hit the water in the empty gap, creating another block of Cobblestone. Congratulations, you now have an infinite supply of Cobblestone available to you within your base.

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If you want to create a bastion within a Survival world, one where you can quickly throw up defenses to keep out any nosy monsters, then the Cobblestone generator will be extremely useful. Once you build a furnace and stock up on wood, yu’ll be able to make lots of Stone quickly, and be able to create the fortress city of your dreams.