How to make Creamy Garlic Scallops in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A little bit of garlic goes a long way.

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Throughout Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will find various ingredients that you will use to cook meals for yourself and the residents of the valley. These meals can be used to further your progress in quests, replenish your energy, and raise your Friendship Level with the NPCs. One of the many meals you can make in the game is Creamy Garlic Scallops and it is more difficult to make than it sounds. This guide will show you how to make Creamy Garlic Scallops in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Creamy Garlic Scallops recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Every recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley is rated from one to five stars. The higher star-rated a recipe is, the more ingredients are required to make it. Since Creamy Garlic Scallops is a five-star meal, you will need five ingredients to make it. These ingredients, however, don’t appear at the start of the game and you will need to progress a decent amount before you can obtain them.

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In order to make Creamy Garlic Scallops, you will need to unlock the Forest of Valor and Dazzle Beach biomes in the valley. These two biomes will cost you around 5,000 Dreamlight to unlock. You will also need to follow part of Remy’s quest line to unlock the Chez Remy restaurant. After doing all of this, you can finally start gathering the ingredients listed below:

  • Scallop
  • Lemon
  • Butter
  • Garlic

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Starting with the Scallops, you can find them on Dazzle Beach. Scallops appear as blue shells along the beach and are a common sight. Lemons can be found growing on trees in the Forest of Valor. Garlic can also be found growing out of the ground in the Forest of Valor. Finally, the Butter can be bought from the Chez Remy Pantry once the restaurant is unlocked. After obtaining all the ingredients, combine them together at a cooking station and you will have yourself a plate of Creamy Garlic Scallops.