How to make Simple Power Salad in Tower of Fantasy

Start your day with some powerful salad.

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Tower of Fantasy features many food items that are great for various situations. One such food item that is great and useful is the Simple Power Salad. It can help you build physical resistance, which enables you to fight with stronger normal enemies. It’s tricky to get its recipe, but if you do everything correctly, you are guaranteed to get it. Here is how to make Simple Power Salad and where to gather its ingredients in Tower of Fantasy.

Simple Power Salad recipe

Simple Power Salad is a healthy food item perfect to kickstart your session in Tower of Fantasy. It helps you build 10% and 170 physical damage resistance, making it a great food item against most enemies. Additionally, it helps you recover 10 satiety points. Cooking it can be challenging since, unlike many foods, you need five ingredients for it and its recipe. Here are all the ingredients you need to make Simple Power Salad in Tower of Fantasy:

How to get Simple Power Salad recipe

It’s impossible to make Simple Power Salad without its recipe, but you can get it from any cooking bot. In the cooking bot’s menu, select creation and put all the Simple Power Salad ingredients until you get a 90 to 100% success rate. Remember you must put all five ingredients correctly, not any other ones. Once you do it, hit cook, and the bot will give you the Simple Power Salad recipe.

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Where to gather Simple Power Salad ingredients

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Although you need five ingredients for Simple Power Salad, they are easy to come by. To get lettuce and broccoli, head to Astra and look for them in the grassy map areas. After that, head to the mountains shrubbery area of Astra, and you will get many Thornmatoes. From there, head to higher mountain areas to get some poultry eggs from bird nests. Lastly, head to the Banges or Astra food vendor to purchase the salad dressing.