How to marry an Uggo in BitLife

Who do you need to marry to meet this requirement?

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Whenever a new challenge rolls around in BitLife, there are several tasks you need to complete to finish the challenge. For the Beast and Beauty Challenge in BitLife, one of the tasks requires you to marry an Uggo, which does not offer too many requirements or an exact way to do this. However, you’ll need to figure out what the developers mean by “Uggo” and how it finishes this specific part of the task for the challenge. Here’s what you need to know about how to marry an Uggo in BitLife.

What does it mean to marry an Uggo in BitLife?

The requirement of “Marry an Uggo” for the Beast and Beauty Challenge strictly means your character, with 100% Looks in their stat bar, will be marrying someone that does not have the same stat rate, essentially labeling them as “Ugly.” When you’re reviewing any of the characters in BitLife that you want your character to date, that means you want to make sure their Looks stat is the exact opposite of your characters, and it needs to be extremely low.

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The lower will be better, so you may need to go through multiple characters in the BitLife dating application to see which fits your character. The lower the Looks stat is when you select if you want to date this person, the better you are at hitting the “Uggo” requirement for this challenge.

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Once you’ve picked out the character you want to start dating, flower them with gifts and affection while giving it a year or two for the relationship to develop before choosing to marry them. Then, when the two of you are married, and your character’s partner has the same low Looks stat, it should meet this requirement.