How to purchase the Rift service from inside a vault in Fortnite Most Wanted

Exchange your Gold Bars for a clean getaway out of vaults.

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Fortnite players dropping into its Most Wanted event should anticipate most opponents to head to its limited-time Cold Blooded vault locations. These areas are known to be packed with Exotic-rarity weapons, handfuls of healing supplies, and buyable services. One of these services is the Rift service, and those able to afford the ability will be redeploying on the map and earning some extra XP from a Most Wanted quest. Here’s how to buy a Rift inside a vault during the Fortnite Most Wanted Event.

How to buy a Rift inside vaults for the Fortnite Most Wanted event

Firstly, it is important to note that this cannot be done inside just any vault on the battle royale island. Players must head to one of the heavily guarded Cold Blooded Vault locations and then loot an NPC’s keycard to unlock the vault. As shown below, you can then discover an Ace’s Intel computer that allows you to purchase one of three unique abilities and services, including the Rift service.

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The service will cost you a hefty 350 Gold Bars, so be sure to open the nearby Cold Blooded Coffers to be rewarded 2,000 Gold Bars in total. Upon purchasing the Rift, you will then be sent above the Cold Blooded Vault’s point of interest and can redeploy your Glider to move over to another named location.

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You will also be completing a Most Wanted quest which rewards you with 1,000 additional Infamy for the event’s rewards tracker. As this amount is not nearly enough to reach its 48,000 Infamy end point and collect the Gold Blooded Ace skin, those wanting to progress through the tracker do have dozens of other Most Wanted quests to venture into, such as Raising your Heat Level and using a Burner Pay Phone.