How to smash dinosaur piñatas in Forza Horizon 5

Another piñata!

Screenshot by Gamepur

For Series 5, the Forza Horizon 5 team tasked players with destroying yet another unique object in Mexico: the dinosaur piñata. This object may resemble an extinct creature, but like traditional piñatas, it needs to be destroyed. Doing so will help toward completing Accolade challenges, as well as toward the Series 5 Pass and any future playlists that feature these little objects. So, how can you destroy dinosaur piñatas in Forza Horizon 5? Let’s go over what you should do.

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Finding dinosaur piñatas

Much like with tank piñatas, the simplest method that should be used to spawn and smash dinosaur piñatas is via the EventLab. This is where users can create and download custom events that feature unique routes, obstacles, and collectibles strewn all around the roads.

To go to the EventLab, enter the Pause menu. From here, go to Creative Lab -> EventLab -> Event Blueprints.

Users can either search “dinosaur piñatas” in the search bar or look at the ‘Trending Today’ tab to look for piñata-themed races. Finding one shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If you are having difficulties, however, a Share Code that should get the job done is 448 271 141.

Once you’ve found a race, enter and begin the event. All you’ll have to do from here is locate the piñatas on the course and smash into them with your car. We should note, though, that Forza may not recognize all of the destroyed piñatas after an initial run through an EventLab course. If this is the case, enter the same race and go through it again.

We should note, however, that these directions do differ for the Collectibles challenge set in Autumn for the Horizon Wilds Takeover series. These pinatas can be found at El Estadio Horizon.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Users will need to smash 20 of these in and around the stadium, in order to complete the Collectibles challenge.